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We can Advertise and Promote in several ways that will bring you new consumers,followers and business. On our main

site LPMR.207 plus Main Social Media Groups and other Social media Networks.
With over 65,000 listeners on our On-line Radio platform,as well as viewers on our On-line TV 24/7
streaming!!! Audio and Visual  If we have to generate an Audio or Video ad for you with one of our in house DJ that will be an
additional $60.00 for a 15-30 sec advertisement.
That will be played Live stream and on our 24/7 Play Back stream stamping your links, phone number, email or any type of info
thats needed to promoted Your Product or Services on our website. A clear picture or logo will be required as well 4 is the max at your
With this package deal you will also get a 30 minute interview about your business or the product and Services that you’re
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