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Prices---Plus Updates


Advertising on LPMR.207 prime time - Live indie Mix show Mon-Fri from 6 pm-12 am For Independent artist, entrepreneurs and service providers we will create a 30 sec Advertisement with your contact information and or website landing page. $75.99 for 3 month with an additional $50.99 you will run consecutively for the total of 6 month advertisement on Lost Pyramids Music radio.With an additional $50.99 you will be omitted in our 24 hour,7 days a week play back mode rotation. Advertising on LPMR.207 with a 30 min Interview to include your created commercial advertisement. 5-10 min questionnaire on your entity the Who, what, when, where of your business to include your created commercial advertisement. LPMR.207 click banner ad advertising we will create a simple click through banner to co inside with your commercial advertisement to be placed on LPMR.207 web platform for easier access to your website or social media landing page. Which includes a voice over directing listener’s to click on your banner AD. We have created this menu list to give us the opportunity to expose your entity to over 65,000 of our listeners whether you utilize our unit price and or line total we are excited and committed about working with your entity and letting not only your local market place but the whole entire world about your business endeavor! get started ASAP